An early image of sea life

While in process of launching this website, was in Copenhagen, Denmark visiting the Glyptotek. It was so timely to see this carving on limestone that was described as ” from an official’s tomb probably at Sakkara. Limestone 18th century Dynasty c 1350-1300″. Though my initiative to use technology and internet to create an awareness of creatures in the sea, it is a concept that dates back a long time. The image captured and carved in stone may be from the Red Sea, a location I hope to visit . Hope you will follow this journey as we promote awareness of sea creatures and their beauty.

2022 marked the beginning of our commercialization of underwater photography. Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, the Georgia Aquarium and the South Carolina Aquarium were recipients of prints donated for their respective fundraising events. Images of turtles sold will contribute to initiatives of turtle hospitals and illustrating them in their natural habitat. We also sold our first calendars allowing us to begin generating funds that will be contributed to other initiatives protecting sea creatures.

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