New Year & New Beginnings to See Beneath the Sea

2023 is here, a good time for you to think of investing in a new calendar and we have one available. Might also be timely to spruce up your office space and show your clients your appreciation of marine life. You may have a water sports activity as part of your business, a dive shop or an area on the cruise ship promoting snorkeling or diving at ports of call. Consider our prints!

As this is a new blog, thought it timely to address origins of underwater photography. It all started in 1889 with an initiative by a French biologist, Louis Boutan. It was not a simple rig and the first photo was black & white. Source:

“Taken in the 1890s (most likely 1899) by biologist and photography pioneer Louis Boutan, it depicts Boutan’s Romanian colleague Emil Racovitza holding up a sign that reads “Photographie Sous Marine,” or “Underwater Photography.””

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