Swedes see good business in our seas

Early on when I started my underwater photography, thanks to my father’s investment I was able to use a Hasselblad in its underwater housing. With that it is only fitting to share news from Swedish American Chamber of Commerce about March 22, 2023, World Water Day!

Louis with Hasselblad

Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce and Institute for Sustainable Development present a new report on ocean investment on the World Water Day

On March 22 the World Water Day occurs – a day that aims to draw attention to the fact that small and large initiatives are needed from all of society if we are to have a chance to preserve the oceans and ensure access to clean water. Sweden is at the forefront of investing in the blue economy. Yet a new wave of ocean investments is needed. The upside? The investments pay for themselves – the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce and ISDUS conclude in a new report.

Billions of people around the world depend on the oceans. The well-being of the oceans is crucial for our health, food supply and for millions of jobs around the world. However, since 2000 natural disasters related to flooding have increased by 134 percent. Water-based natural disasters and other environmental impacts caused approximately $509.62B in global economic losses in 2022.

For a country like Sweden, there is a natural connection to water issues, and Sweden have many reasons to think blue when investing – not least because the Baltic Sea is one of the world’s most polluted seas. Sweden and the United States have developed significant water-based research and innovation clusters aimed at conserving the oceans. However, there are further economic and environmental benefits to be gained by additional investments.

A global increase of $30-50B in research and development in the blue economy would pay for itself in $183B worth of enhanced hazard mitigation, reduced disaster recovery costs, enhanced maritime market growth and new job creation. How should companies and authorities approach blue investments?

This is what ISDUS’s CEO Stephen Jordan and the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce’s CEO Karin Hammar will answer during the press conference.

Time: 22 March 2023, 10:00 AM

Place: Mannheimer Swartling, Norrlandsgatan 21, Stockholm. If you are interested in following the press conference digitally, please let us know. 

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