Cruise ship passengers should see beneath the sea!

Cruise ship passengers in the Caribbean should not be left in the dark about the splendid sea life. As they cruise and make stops at ports of call they offer passengers opportunities to go SCUBA diving or snorkeling. Recently interviewed a passenger who had booked a SCUBA excursion when his cruise stopped at Grand Cayman. He shared that there were no pictures aboard the ship on which he was a passenger, not even in the area where he arranged to SCUBA while ship was docked at Grand Cayman.

June 6-8, we will be attending Cruise Ship Interiors Expo in Miami and hope entities involved in decorating new or existing ships will consider us for their underwater photographic needs. Not only may it help promote SCUBA and/or snorkeling excursions, it may serve to illustrate their sensitivity to the delicate undersea environment.

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