Rays! Not X-Rays

Beautiful Southern Sting Ray
Southern Sting Ray©LDESSAU2021

Southern Sting Rays are seen in Caribbean waters. Their sleek look inspired General Motors to name one of their cars with very innovative deign after it. On Grand Cayman there are tours offered to interact with sting rays where visitors feed them while snorkeling.

Spotted Eagle Ray gliding through sea of calm
Spotted Eagle Ray ©LDESSAU2023

It is magnificent to see a Spotted Eagle Ray gracefully gliding through clear calm water. Also fascinating is to observe them when they are scouring the bottom for food. It is often the highlight of a dive for divers in Caribbean waters, an unforgettable experience for cruise ship passengers who opt for a scuba opportunity as a shore activity.

SCUBA Divers & Spotted Eagle Ray
Spotted Eagle Ray & Divers ©LDESSAU2023

In Hawaii is it often possible to dive with numerous rays but in Caribbean it is exceptional to see two or even three Spotted Eagle Rays during a dive.

Two Spotted Eagle Rays
Two Spotted Eagle Rays©LDESSAU2023

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