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  • See Beneath the Sea on Cruise ships?

    There are numerous cruise ships sailing the Caribbean making stops at various locations offering their passengers opportunities to SCUBA dive or snorkel. With that in mind we have registered for Cruise Ship Interiors Expo taking place June 6 & 7, 2023 at the Miami Convention Center. Though we wont have a stand this year, we…

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  • “The devil is in the detail” also below the waves!

    “The devil is in the detail” also below the waves!

    Thanks to evolution in underwater photography it is possible to see some of the smallest creatures of the sea that are critical to that environment. Using extension rings and underwater flash, SCUBA diving at night it is possible to capture the polyps of yellow tube coral feeding on plankton. Star coral observed during the day…

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  • New Year & New Beginnings to See Beneath the Sea

    2023 is here, a good time for you to think of investing in a new calendar and we have one available. Might also be timely to spruce up your office space and show your clients your appreciation of marine life. You may have a water sports activity as part of your business, a dive shop…

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  • An early image of sea life

    An early image of sea life

    While in process of launching this website, was in Copenhagen, Denmark visiting the Glyptotek. It was so timely to see this carving on limestone that was described as ” from an official’s tomb probably at Sakkara. Limestone 18th century Dynasty c 1350-1300″. Though my initiative to use technology and internet to create an awareness of…

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