Wallpaper images cruise ship interior decorators should consider!

Image of Goatfish & Grunts
School og Goatfish and Grunts©LDESSAU2022

At the 2023 Cruise Ship Interiors Expo in Miami it was fascinating to learn about process and companies involved in decorating interiors of cruise ships, yachts and hotels. We were there to promote our images. In speaking with an Italian company we learned it would be simple for one of our images to be used as a wallpaper. Companies specialize in developing wallpaper for cruise ships complying with IMO requirements. In some instances the images on hallways are to make it easier for passengers to recognize the color of the area where their cabin is. Our portfolio should be considered as decorators bring their creativity to new ships or to refresh some that have been sailing for a while. Our collection is most suitable for the Caribbean!

Image of a school of surgeonfish that might serve as a wallpaper
School of Surgeonfish ©LDESSAU
School of Smallmouth Grunts
School of Smallmouth Grunts ©LDESSAU

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